From « we-data, control your life » to « IEGO »

We-Data (iego) récompensé au Hacking Industry Camp (HICamp) à Strasbourg le 14/10/2018

A few months ago closed the Hacking Industry Camp. After 54h of digital thinking, our project « e-Me, my digital twin », who had become « We-Data, control your life », was awarded by the jury with the « Best service solution », and the « Grand E-nov/Semia » prizes. Today, the We-Data project has grown into a start-up, called IEGO.

A concrete solution

Iego on the one hand avoids unnecessary impressions and displacements, on the other hand simplifies processes between organizations and individuals, but also between organizations themselves and between individuals themselves. And always with the prior consent of the data’s owner.

A responsible solution

With Iego, every person decides by himself who can use his personal data and who can not anymore.

A secure solution through decentralization

By combining two decentralized protocols of Blockchain and secret sharing, our solution protects the personal data and individual liberties of each.
Iego brings a radical change in terms of business and societal model, since it makes it possible to get away from a centralizing player.

Two months later, where are we ?

Our team has tightened around Didier Altide, Bernard Bloch, Julien Brodier, Thibaut Labbé, Isabelle Le Gall and David Réveillon (see ‘the team‘).

We work hard and, in addition to the administrative and financial aspects, we meet many companies in the regional ecosystem to explain our solution and services. Today, some of them have started brainstorming workshops to identify the problems they are facing and that Iego could solve. In particular, our clients ask us to help them to explore use cases around data exchange, granted by residents and professionals, between various organizations, all of which have the characteristics of providing daily services to the public.

The idea seduces our interlocutors – they want to create a dynamic learning and evolutionary between several essential partners of the daily life of the inhabitants of the same territory.

To be continued…

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